Donations' Terms And Conditions
In order to make a donation, you must read and agree to all of the terms below.
Please remember that by clicking "I agree" you fully accept our terms.

1) You are not purchasing any services/goods. Donation is just a support to keep server alive.
2) You agree that all donations are voluntary and made of your own accord.
3) You agree, that upon donating to our server, all transactions are final and are not able to be refunded.
4) If your game account gets terminated for any reason, you are not entitled to any reimbursement or refund.
5) Donation Gifts will not be restored if lost, stolen or dropped in game.
6) You will not request any non-list gift. We do not give hidden donations, we are not corrupted!
7) Becoming a donator does not entitle you to any favoritism in game.
8) There are no item refunds/exchanges given so be sure you request exactly what you want.
9) All members are equals and must apply to the rules otherwise it will lead on punishment.
10) You agree that you won't receive any type of physical or virtual receipt rather than donation coins in game.
11) If you do not agree to these terms or cannot honor them do not make a donation.

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